The 15 Best Sustainable Gift Ideas for Kids All Ages

The 15 Best Sustainable Gift Ideas for Kids All Ages

The holiday season is a magical time for kids— they get to spent time with family, open presents, and eat delicious food. But in our modern world, the holidays continue to be more and more about gifts and shopping and less about family and friends. 

At GoSili, we want to shift from the overconsumption habits that are harming our planet into a more responsible way of celebrating the holidays. 

Less is Always More

Less is always more— especially with kids. Ads and advertising sometimes makes you believe that to make kids happy you have to buy them loads and loads of things. Truth is, they don’t need every single thing on their wishlist— especially if you’re spending more than you can afford. 

A survey showed that parents who buy everything from their kid’s wishlist are more likely to go into debt and have kids who don’t save money when they grow up. 

Plus, sometimes kids ask for things they only use once and never really use again. This turns into a waste of money, resources, and space in your home. 

Talking to Your Kids About Sustainability 

It’s important to talk to your kids about sustainability. In the holiday season, this translates to teaching them to choose their gifts wisely. Instead of making a gigantic list of all the toys they want, prompt them to carefully choose 1 or 2 gifts that they would truly use and play with for months to come. 

This small habit helps you save money and teaches your children to be grateful for what they have and value the things they get— instead of taking them for granted. Conscious habits make conscious kids and teaching them all these little things goes a long way. 

In a world that’s being heavily harmed by overconsumption, you have the power to make a difference! 

The Kid’s Gift Guide to Responsible Shopping— Eco-Conscious Ideas for Children All Ages!

Kid sitting at table with a christmas hat on sipping from a glass using a reusable sustainable silicone straw
Buying with longevity in mind it’s important when shopping for kids. Avoid toys and things they’ll use once— especially if they’re made of plastic and cheap materials. 

In this list, we curated high-quality, thoughtfully-made gifts that are meant to last! Let’s dive in. 

1. Wooden “Lego” Building Blocks 

Wooden Eco Blocks
Eco-bricks are just like legos but without all the plastic. Plus, they’re compatible with any major brand, so you can slowly transition without starting from 0. Plus, they can be painted or colored for an added fun activity! The wood is smooth and beautiful and brings a piece of nature into your kid’s room. 

Perfect for kids 2 and older.

Eco features: 

     - FSC Certified Wood
     - Biodegradable 
     - 1% of profits are donated to ocean conservation

    Starts at $19.99. Shop for your eco-bricks here! 

    2. Gift an Adventure

    This is perfect to spend time with your kids while teaching them to value quality time just as much as toys. And this adventure can fit whatever your kid loves doing most! Maybe that’s a membership to their favorite museum, a beach day, or take them to CAMP (if you have one nearby). 

    Perfect for all ages.

    The options are endless and you don’t even have to spend money— the point is spending quality time together.

    3. An Activity Book to Learn About Nature Outside 

    Another way to gift an adventure that includes an actual gift is this incredible book. It includes 50+ activities and it's perfect to go on a nice hike and learn about all things nature. This makes learning fun and teaches your kids about the natural world and its importance. 

    This book is ideal for kids 6 to 12 yo

    Starts at $7.99. Shop here.

    4. Green Toys Made From Recycled Plastic! 

    Green Toys is building toys with purpose. They make all kinds of things— from trucks to tea sets. And they’re all 100% made from recycled materials. We loved the construction trucks, so that’s our choice for kids ages 2+. 

    Eco features: 

         - Made in the US.
         - Crafted with 100% recycled materials.
         - Plastic-free shipping
         - Non-toxic 

      Starts at $16.99. Shop for Green Toys here!

      5. The Reusable Silicone Set for Babies 

      The perfect set of sustainable goodies! This reusable silicone set has everything you need to feed your toddler. The spoons are soft on your baby's teeth and turn eating into a fun learning activity. 

      The set includes 2 spoons with great grip, a reusable silicone cup with lid and straw, a bowl with lid for easy storage, and a reusable mat your kids can color on! Plus, you can choose the colors you like best. 

      Perfect for toddlers.

      Eco features: 

           - Vegan
           - Non-toxic 
           - Plastic-free 
           - Small business 
           - Gives back to the community

        The set starts at $53.98 and it’s unbreakable and endlessly reusable. Shop here. 

        6. Veggie Baby Fingerpaint Set 

        A safe and fun art set for kids of all ages! This fingerpaint set is made using organic vegetables, ensuring is safe for your kids to play with it. It comes with 5 bright colors any kid will love and a paper pad with 60 blank pages to draw on. 

        Perfect for kids 6 months and older! 


             - 100% recycled paper
             - Plant-based
             - Non-toxic
             - Small business

          Starts at $34.98. Shop for Veggie Baby art set here

          7. The Only Block Set You’ll Need! 

          All kids love block sets to build, play, and let their imagination run free. And this Lovevery set is practical and broad. It comes with 70 different wooden blocks in all sorts of fun shapes for your kids to learn while playing. 

          Perfect for kids ages 1-5. 

          Eco features: 

               - FSC-certified wood
               - B Corp Certified 
               - Water-based dyes 
               - Carbon-neutral shipping 

            Starts at $90. Shop for Lovevery's blocks here.

            8. The Silicone Cup Toddler Set 

            Two kids holding their reusable silicone cups with straw
            The gift that keeps on giving! This reusable silicone set of cups it’s toddler-approved and makes the perfect gift. The cups are long-lasting and endlessly reusable. They’re soft, squishy, and easy to clean. 

            The set includes two 8oz silicone cups, a straw lid, a to-go lid, 2 universal straw lids (straw included), and 2 universal sippy lids (a kid-favorite!). 

            Perfect for toddlers.

            Eco features: 

                 - Vegan
                 - Non-toxic 
                 - Plastic-free 
                 - Small business 
                 - Gives back to the community

              Starts at $40.98. Shop for this gift-perfect set here. 

              9. Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk 

              A perfect small gift to prompt more time outside! This beautiful unicorn sidewalk chalk by Twee is ideal for kids of all ages and it's designed for their little hands to grab and draw away. 

              Eco features: 

                   - Handmade 
                   - Non-toxic ingredients
                   - Eco-friendly glitter 
                   - Small business

                Starts at $16.50 and they have all kinds of colors and shapes. Shop for Twee's sidewalk chalk here

                10. Montessori Screw Board 

                Assorted hand made gifts on a while background including a Montessori screw board and paints

                This Montessori board is perfect to help your kids develop their motor skills and focus while having fun! This set includes a hammer, a geoboard, and a screw board with a screwdriver. 

                Ideal for kids 2+ 

                Eco features: 

                     - Handmade in the US 

                Starts at $80. Shop here. 

                11. Eco-Conscious Art Supply Set 

                An art set sitting on a while background. It includes a wooden ruler, crayons, colors, and more.

                A full eco-conscious art supply set for the artsy kids! This set by Eco Kids includes an art pad, non-toxic glue, wooden sticks, scissors, two watermelon-shaped erasers, a box of beeswax crayons, colored pencils, and a wooden ruler. 

                For kids 2 and older. 

                Eco features: 

                     - Made in the US 
                     - Plastic-free shipping 
                     - Non-toxic 

                  Starts at $35.99. Shop at Earth Hero's Marketplace. 

                  12. Bubbles That Last a Lifetime 

                  Kids love bubbles (who doesn't, honestly?) but most of them come in cheap plastic bottles that use toxic bubble solution. The good thing is that Bubble Tree solve both problems. Their bubbles come in reusable, everlasting cans you can reuse forever. Plus, the bubble solution is eco and kid-friendly! 

                  Perfect for kids of all ages. 

                  Eco features: 

                       - Reusable
                       - Made in the U.S.
                       - Small business
                       - 100% recyclable 
                       - Non-toxic 

                    Starts at $7.99. Shop Bubble Tree here. 

                    13. Eco-Dough 

                    For all the little dough lovers— now they can play with a safe, earth-friendly dough they’ll love. Let your little ones explore, build, and create with this lightly scented dough. Ideal for creative play! 

                    For kids of all ages!

                    Eco features: 

                         - Made in the U.S.
                         - Non-toxic
                         - Handmade
                         - Small business

                      Starts at $18.99. Shop for your eco-dough at Earth Hero Marketplace. 

                      14. A Bucket of Wildlife-Friendly Plush Animals 

                      These super cute plush animals by World Wildlife Org support conservation! Your purchase directly supports endangered species while giving you cute stuffies— perfect for any gift and for kids of all ages. 

                      Eco features: 

                           - FSC-certified bucket
                           - Supports conservation

                        Starts at $75. Shop here. 

                        15. A Bike that Grows With Your Kid 

                        Two kids using their eco-friendly bikes in a park

                        Wishbone's award-winning bikes are meant to be part of your kid's life for years to come. The 3-in-1 design is lightweight and adjustable— to change as your kid does. It goes from walking bike to running and riding. 

                        Perfect for kids 1+. 

                        Eco features: 

                             - Small business
                             - Made with recycled materials
                             - Circular business model 
                             - Gives back to the community

                          Starts at $199. Shop for Wishbone's products here. 

                           Other Ways to Keep the Holiday Season Sustainable

                          If you’re here, you’re already thinking about a more sustainable way of celebrating the holidays, so thank you! These are a few other little things you can do to keep it as green as possible: 

                               - Power your kid's toys with these eco-friendly batteries. 
                          Wrap your gifts in recyclable + sustainable wrapping paper. 
                          Use cereal boxes or shipping containers to pack gifts. 
                               - Support mission-driven businesses. 

                          What other ways are you keeping the holiday season sustainable? Let us know in the comments! 

                          Shop for our reusable + sustainable gift sets here!