Lonely Whale and GoSili: A Partnership Creating Awareness to Save Our Oceans

Lonely Whale and GoSili: A Partnership Creating Awareness to Save Our Oceans

Gosili exists as a solution to our plastic pollution problem— and to grow our impact even further, we’re excited to share with you an ocean-saving partnership with Lonely Whale! With this partnership, we’re amplifying their impact, raising awareness, and creating high-impact initiatives to tackle plastic pollution. 

Keep reading to learn more about what we’re doing to create an everlasting positive impact on our oceans! 

Meet Lonely Whale

An image with a black background that reads : 1 million single use plastic bottles are sold every minute. But we can impact the system! Lonely Whale and GoSili are teaming up to take on pastic pollution together.

Lonely Whale is a non-profit organization on a mission to restore the health of our oceans through data-driven, high-impact campaigns. These campaigns are tackling systems issues by their very root while bringing communities together and empowering young people to protect our oceans. 

With these initiatives, Lonely Whale has had an incredible impact on our seas, like diverting over 5 billion plastic straws from entering the ocean. Through their Ocean Heros campaign, they have also reached over 7,000 young people to advocate for our oceans. And by 2025, they plan on reaching + empowering 100,000 young activists. 

Their work doesn’t go unnoticed! Lonely Whale’s inspiring work has received many awards— like Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas, P4G 2018 Circular Economy Award, SEAL Awards, and more. 

Follow their journey to restore the health of our oceans here. 

Why Partner With Lonely Whale? 

Easy— they care. And so do we. This partnership is about working together to grow our impact and theirs. It’s about creating strong initiatives that make a difference in our world. Lonely Whale is creating exceptional campaigns to advocate for the health of our oceans. And we want to help them amplify their awe-inspiring work. 

We’re excited to team up with Lonely Whale and help them grow their impact and keep our oceans clean and healthy— like they should be. 

Our Mission at GoSili 

An image with a light green background reads: Individual action is not the only path forward, but it is an important part of the solution set. As individuals and as a community we can call for IMMEDIATE and PERSISTENT SYSTEMIC CHANGE.
Plastic pollution is causing immeasurable damage to our oceans, forests, and communities. And we’re tired of it. That’s why we strive to improve basic everyday items, like cups and straws, without harmful plastics and their negative impact. 

Gosili was born out of the need for better products that address our plastic pollution problem—  but that’s not all. We’re also raising awareness to shift away from the linear, all-things-disposable way of thinking into a circular, made-to-last culture. Into a world where our oceans are plastic-free and our communities pollution-free. With your help— we’ll achieve it. 

Our silicone alternatives are non-toxic and made to last— instead of being toxic and short-lived (yes, we’re looking at you, plastic). Our fun, affordable designs make it easy for anyone to make the switch from disposable to reusable. This small action has a huge positive impact on reducing plastic pollution.  

Saving Our Oceans One Partnership at the Time 

A whale's tail is seen on the surface of the ocean with clouds on the blue sky

Did you know that 1 million single-use plastic bottles are sold every minute? And our oceans are home to 5 trillion pieces of plastic. Plus, over 1 million sea animals are killed by plastic pollution every year. 

As distressing as these facts are, we’re hopeful that there are solutions to tackle plastic pollution— and this partnership is a start. By partnering with Lonely Whale, we’re helping them grow their reach and impact. We’re supporting them in tackling plastic pollution at its root by creating systemic change. And how are we supporting Lonely Whale? 

We’re donating a % of all sales from our Ocean line of Reusable Cups and Straws (and more to come) to support Lonely Whale. 

Plus, we’re focusing our efforts on raising even more awareness on the issues of plastic pollution. Expect to see new initiatives and programs as we aim to grow our reach and our impact— all for the sake of our oceans + our planet. 

Want to be part of our initiative? Here’s how. Share with us your efforts to save our oceans using the hashtag #hydratelike. Tag us using your reusable Gosili products and be an advocate for healthy, clean oceans! 

How to Be an Environmental Activist

Our planet needs you! Your voice is key to keep on growing awareness of the issues our oceans are facing. If you want to be part of the ocean-saving movement, these are a few ways you can advocate for clean, healthy oceans: 

1. Say NO to Single-Use Plastics

This simple habit change has a HUGE impact. We believe in the individual power of each one of us. It’s not the only way forward— but it’s a start. By switching to reusables, you could help divert 1,460 plastic bottles from entering our oceans and waterways. Talk about individual impact!

2. Vote for Candidates Supporting Environmental Legislation 

One of the best ways to use your individual power to protect our environment is to vote for candidates who care about our planet. Individual change is a start but systematic change must include better legislation and politicians who prioritize the health of our communities over profit. Use the power of your vote to protect our oceans! 

Want to take your impact to the next level? Write to your representatives and ask them to support environmental bills. The people working at governmental offices are there to represent YOU. Make your voice heard! Learn how to write to your representatives here.

3. Support Companies and Organizations Helping the Environment

Four Gosili Silicone Ocean Cups sitting on a rock with the ocean as background

What better way to advocate for our environment than supporting organizations doing so? If you can, donate to organizations like Lonely Whale. If you can’t donate, support them by sharing their content and telling your friends and family about the incredible work they’re doing. 

Also, shop from businesses taking a stand for our environment, like GoSili. When you support environmentally sustainable companies, you’re helping them grow and scale their impact. Plus, you’re using the power of your money to take a stand on who you support. 

Ready to help Lonely Whale and Gosili restore the health of our oceans? Shop for our impact-making Ocean Cups and Straws here. Don’t forget to share a picture of your Ocean items with the hashtag #hydratelike. 

Learn more about the #hydratelike campaign here.