​​​​One of the many reasons we love silicone is because it is pretty much indestructible. However, if the time comes to say, refresh your GoSili stash, silicone can be recycled. Not all recycling centers are setup to recycle silicone, so if your local recycling center does not, we will take care of it for you!

GoSili recycles all of its products, and to make the process is easier for you, we will recycle your GoSili products when you are done using them.

Please contact us and we will walk you through the process or you can send your discarded GoSili products to us!


As part of GoSili overall company view, we believe that excess packaging is wasteful and not necessary, therefore GoSili remains true to as little unnecessary packaging and shipping material as possible.

While packaging certainly has its place and is important, we believe it can be done in a responsible way. GoSili strives to be a green-friendly company helping to pave a cleaner path and better environment for our children.