4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Drink From Being Spiked

4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Drink From Being Spiked

At GoSili, the health of our planet is a priority—but we can’t have a healthy planet without healthy, happy communities. And as parents, we want to give you peace of mind for when your little ones aren’t so little anymore, and they need support in staying safe. 

After learning about drink spiking, we realized we have a great tool to help prevent spiking from happening. And we needed to share! 

In this blog, we’re sharing what drink spiking is, why it matters, and a few ways you can prevent it from happening. 

What is Drink Spiking? 

Drink spiking is when someone intentionally puts alcohol or drugs into your drink without your knowledge. Many times, the intention is to harm the victim in some way, but there are also pranksters who like to spike drinks for fun… which isn’t fun. 

The drugs used for spiking drinks are mind-altering and can lead to a dangerous situation—especially if the victim is alone. 

Who’s the Main Target of Drink Spiking? 

A beer mug filled with pills Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of data on drink spiking—but we know that girls are the most common target. A survey of college students showed that 8% of them had been victims of drink spiking—and 80% of the victims were female. 

Usually, drink spiking happens at clubs or parties, but it has also been reported in house parties and smaller gatherings—especially on college campuses.

At the end of the day, drink spiking knows no gender. It can happen to anyone. But with awareness of this issue, you can take the steps to protect yourself and those around you. 

How to Know if Your Drink Was Spiked? 

These are a few symptoms you might experience if your drink was spiked: 

- Lower inhibitions

- Feeling “too drunk” or drowsy

- Confusion and speech slurring 

- Nausea or vomiting 

- Memory loss 

- Loss of balance 

- Unconsciousness 

    If you’re out and about and experience any of these symptoms, tell someone you trust and get help immediately. 

    4 Ways to Prevent Drink Spiking

    Although spiking can be just a bad prank, it can also put you in dangerous situations, so protecting yourself is key. These are a few things you can do to prevent your drinks from getting spiked with any unwanted substances. 

    - Always Watch Your Drinks Being Poured

    Don’t accept drinks that came already poured. Instead, make sure you can see the bartender or server pouring the drink from its original container. 

    - Don’t Take Drinks From Strangers 

    If a stranger offers you a drink, refuse it—especially if the drink is already served. Free drinks is a technique used to spike drinks. 

    - Use a Universal Straw Lid to Protect Your Drink! 

    Four types of cups, each one has a Universal Straw Lid

    Once you have your drink, it’s time to protect it. Use our Universal Straw Lid to cover the top of any glass or cup. That way you can relax and have a good time without having to pay close attention to your drink. 

    To use the Universal Silicone Lid simply open the travel tin case, grab the universal lid, stretch it using both hands, and cover your cup. Insert your reusable silicone straw and you’re good to go. Your drink is protected and you can safely enjoy it!  

    Plus, you’re using reusable, eco-conscious items that keep you and the planet healthy. 

    Get Your Universal Drink Protector →! 

    - If You’re a Parent, Talk to Your Children About Drink Spiking 

    Awareness is key for prevention! And a great way to raise awareness on this issue is to talk to your kids about drink spiking. Since lots of occurrences come from pranks, it’s important to tell your kids that even if they don’t mean to harm anyone, drink spiking is illegal. And it could really hurt someone. 

    You can also give them tips to prevent it—especially if they’re in college—where most drinking spiking events happen. This can help keep college kids from doing it as a prank and protect them from being victims of drink spiking. 

    The Lid That Prevents Drink Spiking! 

    A travel tin containing a Universal Straw Lid and a Reusable Silicone Straw

    We realized the prevention potential of our Universal Straw Lid while watching a show that talked about it. And it was our duty to share it with you. 

    Our amazing Straw Lid is perfect for keeping your drinks safe while being super convenient. It comes in a travel tin that you can carry around in your purse. Plus, it’s endlessly reusable, so it’ll protect your drinks for years to come. 

    Plus, you get many more uses out of it. Our stretchy lid fits over a wide variety of cups. Whether you’re at a pool party, at the beach, or camping—the lid keeps pills, sand, and bugs out of your drink. 

    It’s the perfect ally! 

    Universal Silicone Straw Lid F.A.Q.

    These are some of the most common questions we get about our Universal Straw Lid!

    What is a Universal Straw Lid? 

    The Universal Straw Lid is an innovative straw lid that helps you protect your drinks from all kinds of things—including spills, bugs, and spiking. One of the things that makes it super special is that it fits over a wide variety of cups! 

    It’s easy to use, easy to clean (dishwasher safe!), and easy to love. 

    How Do You Use it? 

    It’s actually really simple! Grab your Universal Silicone Lid and stretch it, and place it on top of any cup. The suction keeps the lid in place while protecting your drink! Then, insert your reusable silicone straw and TADA—your drink is ready to be sipped! 

    Is Silicone Safe? 

    Yup! Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe for kids and adults. We have a whole blog on silicone’s most asked questions!

    Prevent drink spiking—get your universal stretchy lid here!