Let’s Talk About Silicone!

A blue reusable silicone cup with a sippy top and an orange silicone cup with an orange silicone straw sitting on the sand on a sunny day.

In a world that’s currently drowning in its own waste, we must find solutions to tackle plastic pollution. Our Oceans, home to some of the most amazing species on earth, are also home to over 5.2 trillion pieces of plastic polluting this incredible ecosystem. 

At Gosili, we’re all about finding solutions to mitigate plastic pollution— and silicone is one of the answers to addressing one of our planet’s greatest issues. Why? Because silicone is straight-up amazing and far superior to plastic. It’s ultra-durable, non-toxic, and more eco-friendly than plastic. But we still see lots of confusion around silicone, what it is, and where it comes from. 

We love silicone, and we want you to love it too! For that reason, we’re putting together the ultimate guide to silicone. We’re shedding some light on the awesomeness of silicone and why it’s the perfect alternative to reduce plastic waste. 

What is Silicone? 

No, silicone is NOT plastic. Silicone is actually made from 4 main components— silicon (sand), carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. All of these components are abundant on our planet. In fact, silicon is the second most abundant element on the planet’s surface. 

To be turned into your favorite reusables, the silicon is processed with an organic compound called methyl chloride. Then with some water to get rid of the atoms of chlorine. This process creates the silicone as you know it— durable, non-toxic, and simply awesome. ¹

But why are we so hyped about silicone? Let’s compare:

A comparison table that reads: "Silicone Vs Plastic" The Silicone row reads: "Safe for humans, made from one of the earth's most abundant ingredients, highly durable and endlessly reusable, extreme heat and cold resistant, non-toxic for soil and water organisms if it ends up there". The plastic row reads: "toxic, made with fossil fuels and toxic chemicals, short-lived and disposable, not resistant to cold and heat. It leeches harmful chemicals when heated, hazardous waste that pollutes soil and water."

The best option is clearly silicone— better for you, for your health, and for the planet. Go silicone! 

But How Durable Is It Really? 

Reusable silicone products have the potential to minimize lots of waste. Think about it, plastic (even the reusable kind) has a short life span. It quickly breaks or gets foggy, cracked, scratched, stained, and smelly— yuck! 

On the other hand, silicone is endlessly reusable. Like, forever. It’s extremely resistant to heat, cold, and quick temperature fluctuations. You can safely put it in the microwave, dishwasher, or boil it. It doesn’t break down or deteriorate even in the harshest conditions. No stains. No odors. No cracks. Simply awesome. 

But why does it even matter? Well, in our current culture, everything is meant to be disposable. It’s built to NOT last so you have to constantly buy more and more. This also contributes in creating more and more waste (while draining all your savings). 

Silicone is built to last. Think of it as those stainless steel pans that are so durable they get passed on generation after generation. Silicone is the same dynamic. It’s so resistant and high-quality it can be used for years and years to come. 

Less need for new things = less waste = less environmental impact. 

Is Silicone Safe For Kids? 

Two kids sitting on the floor holding silicone reusable cups with straws
For sure! Silicone is as safe as safe gets. No toxic chemicals leaching onto your food (looking at you, plastic) and no pores that harvest bacteria. It’s hypoallergenic and hygienic. Plus, you don’t need to worry about chemicals like BPA. 

Plastic is linked to endless health and environmental issues. For this and many other reasons— it’s smart to GoSili! 

Can Silicone be Recycled? 

Yes, you can recycle silicone, but not all facilities do it. This doesn’t mean your Gosili products won’t be recycled. If you’re done with your silicone goodies, simply send them to us and we’ll do the recycling for you. 

Recycling facilities can recycle silicone but they’re too caught up trying to recycle the endless amounts of plastic waste. This keeps them from taking small amounts of silicone to recycle. To solve this, we collect and store all the silicone you send when you’re done with it, and once we have a big enough amount, facilities are able to recycle it for us. 

By adopting this circular model and taking responsibility for the end life of our products, we’re growing our impact one step further. 

Ready to recycle your silicone products? Check out the details here. 

What About the Environment? 

Plastic is toxic from the moment of its birth and until its last breath. It pollutes the air when being made, and also pollutes soil and water when it’s waste. Plus, it fills our oceans with waste. In the water, it breaks down into tiny plastic particles that poison fish, birds, and eventually… us. 

Silicone is the ocean-friendly alternative to plastic.

Because silicone is so resilient, it won’t break down into harmful tiny particles that are impossible to clean up. It is also non-toxic to sea creatures or the soil and water. If it’s incinerated, instead of creating a toxic cloud of harmful chemicals, it creates silicon, water, and carbon dioxide. 

A Quick Silicone FAQ

Let’s tackle those common questions you might have about silicone. 

1. Can I put silicone in the dishwasher? 

Yes! It’s safe for both the top rack and bottom rack. Go for it. 

2. What about the oven? Can my silicone tumblers go in the microwave?

Yup— that’s fine too. And if you’re trying to sterilize it, simply boil it. Silicone endures extreme heat and cold perfectly. 

3. Will silicone break if I drop it? 

Nope. You can drop it or squeeze it really hard— silicone can take it. 

Ready to GoSili!? 

Reusable silicone straws on their packaging that reads: "in one year 200+ billion plastic straws are thrown away in the whole world. Silicone is safe, non-toxic, and made to last".
The enormous amounts of waste we’re currently creating is having a major impact on our environment. We refuse to sit back and watch our oceans drown in plastic pollution. The solution? Reusable, highly durable silicone products that replace your everyday plastic items. 

But replacing plastic with a way better alternative is not our only mission. We’re prompting people like you to step away from the all-things-disposable way of living and switch to a more sustainable lifestyle. Let’s prioritize durable items instead of buying disposable ones. Together we can beat plastic pollution! 

Help us reduce and divert waste from our oceans— shop for our products here! 

Do you have any questions about silicone? Let us know in the comments!