Eco Resolutions: Join Our 30-Day Plastic-Free Challenge this New Year!

Eco Resolutions: Join Our 30-Day Plastic-Free Challenge this New Year!

This New Year— let’s tackle plastic pollution together! 

At Gosili we’re all about kicking plastic to the curb–and with this challenge, we want to help you do the same. To achieve this, we’ve created a 30-day challenge with prompts to help you start the year sustainably. 

To participate, simply follow the prompts below. They aim to help you get started in your plastic-free journey. And of course, you can incorporate whatever other ideas you have. Make sure to share them with us on our social media! 

Prepping For The Plastic Free Challenge

To get started, we recommend a plastic audit of your home. Check your toiletries, groceries, and cleaning supplies and see what comes in plastic packaging. Write down your findings in a notebook. 

For example, if your shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste are packaged in plastic, write down “plastic toiletries: 3” and make a pledge to reduce that number by the end of the month. Make sure to not throw out anything that’s still useful. If you want to get rid of some of something, donate it or gift it to a friend. 

At the end of the challenge, go back to your notebook and see how you did. Write down where you were able to reduce your plastic waste and what needs improvement. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t reach all your goals. Small steps make a big difference! And we’re rooting for you to continue to reduce plastic pollution. 

30-Day Plastic-Free Challenge. 

Let’s get started! 

Day 1: Say No to Plastic Bags— Bring Your Own Instead

Plastic bags are not recyclable and never fully decompose. After 1000 years, they turn into microplastics and continue to harm our environment. But solving this issue is easy and it starts with you. 

Simply keep a tote bag with you at all times. Put it in your purse, backpack or leave it near the door so you remember to grab it before you go. When shopping for groceries or picking up food at a restaurant— always bring your bag. 

This small habit creates a huge impact! 

Day 2: No More Single Use Straws, GoSili(cone) Instead! 

A hand holding a glass filled with a pink smoothie. The glass has a blue reusable silicone straw in it and, with one finger, the hand is holding a keychain travel case for the straw.
Plastic straws have a similar story to plastic bags— they can’t be recycled and won’t be accepted by a curbside pickup. They’re used for 5 minutes but continue polluting our planet for years to come. Let’s kick out this unnecessary habit! 

Get a set of reusable straws to carry with you, bring them to restaurants, parties, and everywhere you go. To make this habit super easy for you, we created a keychain straw with a travel case. That way you always have your eco-friendly straw with you! 

Day 3: Ditch Plastic Water Bottles For Good

Carrying your own reusable plastic bottle is better for you, for your wallet, and for the environment—make the switch! Create the habit of bringing your water bottle everywhere. 

Day 4: Make Your Morning Cup of Joe Sustainable

There are a few ways to keep your coffee sustainable and plastic-free. For starters, make more coffee at home instead of buying it at a coffee shop. Make sure to buy organic, fair-trade coffee in bulk to skip the plastic packaging. 

For the on-the-go days when you’re shopping at a coffee shop—bring your own cup! This saves our oceans from another plastic cup, lid, and straw. Plus, most coffee shops give you a discount if you BYOC! 

Shop for our reusable silicone coffee cups and help us tackle plastic pollution! For hot coffee, we recommend this one and for iced coffee, this is our choice. You’re welcome. 

Day 5: Deplastify Your Snacks!

Reusable silicone bag sitting on a table with a sandwich in it.
As convenient as small plastic bags might be to carry snacks or sandwiches, they’re causing too much harm. Make the switch! With a reusable silicone snack bag, you get the exact same use out of it for less money and less pollution. 

Check out our reusable snack bags for the perfect plastic-free alternative! 

Day 6: No More Plastic Cutlery—Carry Your Own!

Another unrecyclable, unnecessary product. To tackle this problem, in a small silicone or fabric pouch, put a set of cutlery in and carry it with you. And make sure when you order food to ask for no plastic utensils! 

Day 7: Curb Your Food Plastic Containers

You can make this a slow transition—stop buying plastic and slowly switch to glass, silicone, stainless steel, or whatever you prefer. 

Day 8: Ditch Your Clingwrap

There are many options to help you ditch plastic cling wrap. It’s hard to use anyway so making the switch is a no-brainer. For an easy, affordable alternative, try these reusable wraps

Day 9: Hit Your Farmer’s Market for Plastic-Free Groceries 

Farmers market stand with assorted fruits and veggies
Instead of big chain supermarkets where all food is packaged in plastic, support the local economy by shopping at the farmer’s market! It’s usually more affordable and the food is fresher too. Give it a go! 

Trying to find a local farmer’s market? Check out this tool to find the nearest one. 

Day 10:  Ditch Your Plastic Dish Sponge

Your plastic sponge is not only a powerhouse for bacteria, but also sheds microplastics into the water while taking hundreds of years to decompose. Switch to the many available plant-based sponges— this one is our favorite. 

Day 11: Cook Meals From Scratch  

Pre-made meals usually come in plastic containers or packaging. By cooking more meals from scratch not only do you get more nutritious and delicious foods, but you’re also skipping the plastic. Win-win!

Day 12: Find Refillable Options for Cleaning Supplies or DIY!

Cleaning supplies can be tricky to find without all the plastic packaging. Thankfully, many companies are taking action to change that! If you haven’t already, switch your laundry detergent to eco-strips. 

You can also find refillable options for many cleaning supplies here. And if you’re feeling creative, here’s how to DIY!

Day 13: Get a Water Filter for Your Home

There is no need to have plastic bottles of water at home. Having a filter is way better for the environment and for your wallet. Check out these great filters! 

Day 14: Buy Solid Dish Washing Soap 

Ditch the bottle— go with a bar instead! It lasts longer, cleans just as well, and keeps plastic out of our environment. 

Day 15: Use Reusable Plates/Cups When Hosting Events

A ceramic bowl sitting on a table. Next to it there are four glasses filled with a pink bevarage. Each glass has a pink reusable silicone straw in it.
Having a dinner party? Skip the disposables. Simply use the plates and glasses you already have at home. For straws, have a few reusable silicone straws (they make great party favors too!).

Day 16: Buy Bulk! 

Look for shops that sell bulk and buy your groceries there. This is great for pasta, nuts, oats, and other things that usually come in plastic packaging. 

Day 17: Skip the Snacks Wrapped in Plastic

Yes, potato chips and bars are so convenient—but the wrapper stays in our environment for hundreds of years. Try making your own snacks instead or look for plastic-free snacks like fruit or nuts in bulk. 

Day 18: Buy Bread From Local Bakeries  

Fresh out of the oven and delicious! Bring your own bag to carry it and get fresh bread without the plastic. 

Day 19: Spend Time in Nature 🌞

Remind yourself why you’re doing this in the first place… to help preserve the incredible landscapes and natural spaces on our planet— enjoy it!

Day 20: Don’t Buy Fruit/Veggies Wrapped in Plastic 

You don’t need ‘peeled-for-you garlic’. All fruits and veggies come with their own natural wrapper. They don’t need plastic. 

Day 21: Order Less Stuff Online 

Avoid shopping for things you can easily get in your neighborhood. The extra packaging for shipping is really taking a toll on the environment. Plus, what’s better than supporting local vendors? 

You can also choose to pick up your order at the store and simply go get it. 

Day 22: Keep Plastic out of Your Tea 

Two Reusable silicone tumblers sitting side by side with a tea string hanging on the side
Buy tea in bulk or from companies who sell plastic-free tea— like Yogi.

Day 23: Ditch Your Plastic Toothbrush

Get a bamboo one instead! 

Day 24: Buy Plastic-Free Toothpaste 

Continue to deplastify your bathroom with plastic-free toothpaste! These are a few options: 

     - Bite Toothpaste 

     - Georganics Toothpaste Powder

Or try DIY! 

Day 25: Switch to a Plastic-Free Deodorant 

There are now many brands that give you natural deodorant that’s plastic-free. Here are a few: 

    - Native’s Plastic-Free Deodorant

    - Deodorant Cream

Day 26: Make Your Shower Plastic-Free

Same as with cleaning products, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are mainly water. The good thing is that you can just buy the concentrate bar! Our favorite is Viori— check them out! 

Day 27: No More Disposable Razors

Kiss your disposable plastic razors goodbye! Stainless steel razors are everlasting, give you a better shave, and are better for the environment. 

Day 28: Make Your Own Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are really easy to make with leftovers from your kitchen. Plus you get a chemical-free product! Here’s a great recipe to follow. 

Day 29: Wash Your Clothes in a Bag to Keep Microplastic Out of the Ocean

Your clothes are most likely made of plastic, and when they’re washed, they shed tiny microplastics into the water. To keep those microplastics out of our oceans, use this! 

Day 30: Vote Vote Vote 

One of the most impactful ways to create a plastic-free future is to vote for candidates who care. Those who are willing to choose our planet over profit and create laws that protect our natural spaces. 

You’re Finished!

Our planet and the Gosili team thank you for making an effort to create a better tomorrow. We pride ourselves on helping people create more sustainable habits every day. Even the small things like carrying your own straw makes a big difference! 

Visit our shop to support our mission to keep our oceans plastic-free!

And let us know in the comments how you did in your plastic-free challenge.