Unlock Your Silliness: 3 Fun Ways to Use Your SiliStraw

Kid buried in sand at the beach using a two connected silicone straws to drink from his silicone cup

Introducing a new way to hydrate— the silly way. Hydration is a part of our day-to-day life, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. At GoSili, we believe anyone can be a kid. And anyone can get silly with our SiliStraws. Made to be #silitothelastsip. 

Our SiliStraws are a tribute to those fun-shaped plastic straws we loved as kids. The problem? There are over 7.5 million plastic straws polluting US shorelines all around the country. We love the fun, silly-shaped straws— but we don’t love the plastic pollution. The solution? SiliStraws!

Our SiliStrawss are bendable, shapeable, and most importantly— fun! But also reusable, eco-friendly, and they’re helping to keep our oceans and beaches plastic-free. Made for all the creative kids (and grownups!) who like to get #silitothelastsip while protecting our Planet. 

In this blog, we’re sharing with you three unique ways to use your SiliStraws. But before we dive into the silliness, we’re answering the most commonly asked questions about our family-fave product: the SiliStraws. 

SiliStraws 101

If you can’t wait to hop on the SiliStraws fun train but you have some questions first— here you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for. 

1. How to Connect Your Silistraws? 

Connecting your SiliStraws is (literally) child’s play. Simply slip the top of one of your SiliStraws into the base of another one to interlock them. The more the merrier! Connect as many SiliStraws as you want, creating whatever shape or form you fancy. Then, sip away. 

2. Are They Leaky? 

Leaks are not stopping the sippable fun. Our SiliStraws are leak-proof thanks to the silicone flange that keeps the straws locked in— giving it its non-leaky ability. And there’s more. Your SiliStraws come with a built-in stopper that helps prevent the straws from being pulled out of their lids for a mess-free experience. You’re welcome, parents! 

3. How Flexible Are My Silistraws? 

SiliStraws are meant to be flexed out of shape. Bend or twist, loop or stack, arc or zigzag— shape them however you want. They’re made to last, so don’t worry about bending them too hard. 

4. More Silicone Straws = More Silliness  

The sippable fun is endless! Connect as many SiliStraws as you want and get as creative as you wish. Whether it’s to make the longest, silliest straw or to build fun shapes, you can always attach another SiliStraw. 

5. Are Silicone Straws Safe? How Do I Clean My SiliStraw? 

Yes, they’re as safe as they’re fun. Our SiliStraws are made with 100% platinum silicone and are good for both cold and hot drinks. They’re BPA-free, hypoallergenic, stain-resistant, and they don’t have pores to harvest bacteria. 

They’re safe to microwave, put in the dishwasher (bottom and top rack), and if you need to sterilize, simply boil them. They’re also easy on your teeth, unlike stainless steel straws. 

They’re super easy to clean too. Because of their clear, translucent color, you can easily see when they’re clean. No need for brushes either. If you want to hand wash them, simply add a drop of soap to one of the ends and roll the straw between your fingers. Rinse until the water’s clear and sip away! 

3 Ways to Get Silly With Your SiliStraws 

Because we love silliness and because we love fun, we’re sharing with you 3 different ways to use your SiliStraws. Whether it’s for the kids, the parents, or the fun uncle, your SiliStraws are made to make hydration fun in every sip. Let’s dive into the fun!

1. The Tallest SiliStraws of Them All 

How tall can your SiliStraws get? Find out with this fun way to hydrate. Put your cup on the floor (don’t forget your stretchy silicone lid to avoid spills!) and start connecting your SiliStraws. Connect enough straws to stand next to your cup and drink from it standing up. Challenge your kids and see who can build the tallest SiliStraws! 

Make it even more fun by putting your child on your shoulders and have them drink all the way from the cup on the floor. What better way to get your kids to drink water than a fun, silly straw tower. 

2. Make A Fancy Drinking Scarf

Kid standing in front of the drink aisle sipping on a drink using silicone straws attached to each other

Boring sipping is a thing of the past with our SiliStraws. Another way to make hydration fun is to play dress up and build a fancy drinking scarf. And this wasn’t even our idea— a silly kid had this silly idea, we’re just tagging along.

To recreate the SiliStraws scarf, simply connect 5-7 SiliStraws, put one end of the scarf on your drink, the other one on your mouth, and the rest of the straws from one shoulder to the other— as seen in the picture. Don’t forget to share a picture of your Sili scarf with us!

3. Get Tangled! 

How many loops can your SiliStraws have? Find out yourself by connecting a bunch of SiliStraws and making as many loops as possible. Small ones or little ones— they all count. And to make it even more fun, try shaping it like Mickey Mouse with two big, ear-like loops.

Share The Silliness! 

These are only a few of the endless ways you can get #silitothelastsip. Now we want to know—  how do you get silly with your SiliStraws? Share with us your favorite ways to use them using the hashtag #silitothelastsip— the sillier the better! 

Join the fun— shop for our SiliStraws here. You can also find us on Target