How to Clean Your Reusable Silicone Straws and Tumblers

How to Clean Your Reusable Silicone Straws and Tumblers

This might be one of the most asked questions about reusable silicone goodies—how do you clean them? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. 

In this blog, we’re doing a deep dive into cleaning your silicone straws, tumblers, and any other silicone reusable you have. We’ll give you tips to keep all your silicone in tip-top shape. And if some mold happened to take over any of your goodies—we’ll cover that too. 

Let’s get cleaning! 

Are Silicone Straws and Tumblers Hard to Clean? 

No way… it’s actually super easy and convenient. And there are many ways you can get your silicone stuff cleaned up—which we’ll cover in this blog. All stress-free so you can happily sip away. 

Cleaning your reusable silicone straw offers as much flexibility as the straw itself. There are several ways to clean them… in the dishwasher, with a brush, with a bit of soap and running water, or by boiling them for 10 minutes. And the same applies to your tumblers, lids, and snack bags. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Silicone Reusables? 

Ideally, you want to get your products clean after every use. If they stay dirty for too long, food might get stuck in there—which causes mold growth. To avoid this, simply toss your silicone straws, tumblers, or any other product in the dishwasher after every use. 

Easy peasy.  

How to Clean Silicone Straws Without a Brush? 

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The awesomeness of silicone straws allows you to clean them without using a brush. Because they’re see-through and flexible, you can easily spot food that’s stuck. Simply add a drop of soap to one end of the straw, run a bit of water through it, and using your fingers give the straw a good squish. 

If you notice some food stuck inside your straw, make sure to squeeze it really well where the food is. Rinse it thoroughly to get rid of the soap and you’re good to go! 

If you have a very persistent piece of food stuck in your straw, you can use floss or a long Q-tip to reach it. Give it a good scrub, run water through it, and put it in your dishwasher or boil it for 10 minutes to make sure it doesn’t grow any mold. 

Mold in Your Silicone Reusables? Here’s What to Do! 

Oops… you got mold in your silicone stuff… 

Not to worry! Solutions are what we’re all about at Gosili. To get rid of mold, simply make a solution using equal parts vinegar and baking soda. Let your reusables soak there and then give them a good scrub. 

Afterwards, toss them in the dishwasher or boil them for 10 minutes to make sure they’re completely sanitized. That should also keep more mold from growing. 

Can You Put Your Silicone Straws and Tumblers in the Dishwasher? 

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Yes! In both the top and bottom rack. One of the best things about silicone is that it doesn't conduct heat. This means it can withstand really high temperatures (up to 500 F). This also means you can easily throw it in the dishwasher or boil it—making it super easy to sterilize your cups, straws, lids, and anything else. 

Can Silicone Absorb Smells? 

Certain liquids with a strong odor, like coffee, may cause a lingering effect. But don’t worry! You can easily get rid of any funny smells. These are a few ways to keep your silicone products smelling super fresh: 

     - Rinse with hot water after each use

     - Rub with white vinegar or lemon to stabilize the odor

     - Soak in baking soda and hot water

     - Run through the dishwasher. 

Tips to Keep Your Reusable Silicone Products Like New. 

As you’ve already noticed, there are several ways to keep your silicone goodies clean. Because silicone is so resistant, durable, and virtually indestructible, cleaning is a breeze. Hey, you might even enjoy doing the dishes from now on 😉. 

But what makes silicone so superior and easy to clean? For starters, it is non-porous, which means it won’t harbor any bacteria, making the clean-up process super smooth. Plus, there are several different ways to get your silicone stuff clean which is super convenient. 

Silicone is also stain-resistant and hypoallergenic. It probably feels like we’re bragging by now… but seriously. Silicone is amazing. And we want you to love it as much as we do! 

So what can you do to make your silicone products last? 

Honestly, not much. Our food-grade and LFGB 100% platinum silicone does all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is wash it after every use and store it in a dry place. By simply doing that, your silicone products will last for many years to come. 

Germ-Free Sipping Has Never Been Easier 

Our reusable silicone products give you peace of mind all around. They’re safe for kids and adults (no BPA or toxic chemicals to worry about!), they’re soft, good-looking, and super-easy to clean. Plus, they help you ditch harmful, toxic plastic that harms the health of our planet. 

Good for you. Good for the planet—that’s what we’re all about at GoSili! 

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