The Female Force Behind GoSili - How it All Started

Female co-founders talk sustainability and how it all started


The Female Movement in Sustainable Initiatives.

Female founders are making waves in the business world, bringing innovative ideas and sustainable solutions to the forefront.  At GoSili, its' female co-founders are part of the "waste less" movement, leading the charge with a mission to reduce waste and create a cultural shift in consumer habits.  By building a brand dedicated to reducing single-use plastics and promoting sustainable alternatives, GoSili has designed a conduit to a greater social purpose.

Who are the Female Founders behind GoSili?

Stacey Feeley and Giuliana Schwab, the dynamic duo behind GoSili, are passionate about creating products that are not only unique and functional, but also environmentally conscious. With Giuliana's background in design, Stacey's entrepreneurial drive and a collective commitment to sustainability, they have set out to revolutionize the way we think about everyday items.

How it All Started! Telling Their Story.

Remember brainstorming ideas with friends? Cool, fun, important things that you wanted to do. It’s a casual conversation, at a party, then again at a lunch. Then one day it all clicks, and the universe has aligned to make a partnership work. We get asked all the time “how did you start your business?” Well, just plain luck. Although luck is far from plain, it's opportunity meets preparedness. GoSili was born at a party in the Hollywood Hills in 2006, and officially formed at La Cabanita Restaurant in the front window table of Montrose, CA (tacos and margaritas are alway inspiring)!

The idea; saving the planet of course. It was clear that the plastic we used every day was just TOO much. Being young parents in the early 2000's we lived amongst a "take and toss" culture. Everything was disposable and cheap, who cared if it got destroyed, lost, or tossed in the trash.... how convenient. Our kitchen sinks were overflowing with plastic bowls, cups, spoons, and all sorts of plastic wares that eventually would end up in the garbage. To add to the massive amount of waste accumulating, an additional issue around the toxic chemicals found in these plastics that were leaching into our food and beverages became a top priority to put an end to. We knew it could no longer be about temporary convenience but about reuse and REALcycling. So, we set out on our journey, leaning on our champion material silicone and its’ unique properties. Using a safe, non-toxic, and durable material such as silicone, meant we could create alternatives to plastic products in a space that was drowning in them.

In 2007, we launched Silikids, a children's line dedicated to replacing all those plastic table wares our kids were using. The company quickly grew to a following that launched GoSili with similar products for adults. The purpose and mission have remained a common thread throughout; we don’t want to make more stuff to toss, we want to make stuff to Waste Less! The awareness of sustainability and eco-conscious choices has also grown, and we take pride in having been a part of that for the past 18 years.

Starting a new business as women, and new mothers of course had it challenges. We hustled, we bargained, we sat at tables surrounded by men while we lactated through our blouses (was not pretty). We traveled constantly, attending trade shows, and taking meetings with anyone that would see us. It wasn’t easy, but we kept going, talking to everyone, and telling our story and why GoSili was a company that could and would make a difference. Competitors were always looming. Some fun to spare with and some nasty. While the nay sayers were nay saying, we had each other to lean on and we learned every single lesson along the way! Not gonna lie, it was stressful...but also incredibly rewarding! Perhaps not for everyone, but live or let die at this point!

Passion, friendship and partnership, an amazing combo. Being nimble and staying ahead has always been one of our superpowers. Pressure can get the best of all of us, but we’ve been “lucky” and always remember the mad respect we have for each other, and the talents and skill set we each bring to the table.

What is GoSili's Mission?

GoSili's mission is simple yet powerful: to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our landfills and oceans. By creating reusable, silicone-based products, they aim to provide consumers with sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics while changing the role of consumer habits amongst the easy/conveniences of disposable products.

How Does GoSili Save the Planet?

By offering a range of products such as silicone straws, food storage containers, and coffee cups, GoSili is helping to eliminate the need for disposable plastic items. Their durable, long-lasting products are not only better for the environment but also for your health, as they are free from harmful chemicals found in traditional plastics.

Over 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year, posing a serious threat to marine life and ecosystems. By choosing reusable products like GoSili, consumers can make a positive impact on the planet and help reduce plastic pollution.

Why Should You Support Female Founders like GoSili?

Supporting female founders is not only a way to champion diversity and equality in the business world but also a way to support innovative solutions to pressing environmental issues. By choosing products from companies like GoSili, you are investing in a more sustainable future for generations to come!