What’s The Best Reusable Straw: Silicone, Stainless Steel, Glass, or Bamboo?

What’s The Best Reusable Straw: Silicone, Stainless Steel, Glass, or Bamboo?

As the need for less plastic and more conscious consumerism grows, so does the need for the best reusable straw. One you can carry with you and sip away without any worries. A straw that’s safe for both kids and adults. 

And of course, a straw that’s FUN— because that’s what life’s all about. 

To make your straw picking process a breeze, we put together a list of the most popular reusable straws. And we compared them. 

This way, you get to choose what’s best for you. Some straws might be more durable but harder to carry around with you. Some might be non-toxic but not the safest for children. Whatever qualities you’re looking for in your reusable straws— we’ll cover them here. 

What Types of Reusable Straws Are There? 

Since the rise of reusable straws in the last few years, many different types of straws have been created— but they’re not equal. Each one has its pros and its cons. 

These are the most common types of reusable straws: 

-     Silicone

-     Stainless Steel 

-     Bamboo

-     Glass 

    In this blog, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each of these straws and crown the overall winner for the BEST reusable straw. But of course, you can always choose the best option for you. 

    Silicone Straws VS Metal Straws… Which One is Best 👑?

    Silicone and stainless steel straws are the two most popular straw choices. But which one is best? Let’s break down each straw! 

    Reusable Silicone Straws

     A glass of water with limes and lemons with a yellow reusable silicone straw

    Silicone straws are known for being long-lasting, safe (especially for children), and one of the most popular choices. Silicone’s versatility makes these straws perfect for any kind of drink—including smoothies and boba tea. 

    Plus, silicone straws come in all sorts of bright colors, making them super cute and fun! 

    These are some of the amazing qualities silicone straws have: 

    ✔      Long life span. They’ll last forever and are virtually indestructible. 

    ✔      Non-toxic + safe for all humans—big and small (if made with food-grade silicone—and our straws are!). 

    ✔      Soft and chewy— perfect for the little ones. 

    ✔      Flexible, collapsible, and portable. 

    ✔      Comes in all sorts of sizes making them ideal for smoothies and boba tea.

    ✔      Stain resistant, odorless, and hypoallergenic.

    ✔      Dishwasher safe and you can sterilize them in boiling water. Plus, they’re see-through, making it easy to spot stuck food.

    ✔      Great with cold or hot drinks 

    ~      Most curbside pickup won’t recycle it (but you can always send it to us— we’ll recycle it for you!) 

    Stainless Steel Straws 

    Another widely-known option for a reusable straw is stainless steel. They’re obviously super durable and you can recycle it with most curbside pickup. Surprisingly, they don’t leave a metallic taste and are completely safe. But, they’re a bit hard for little kids who might bite into it or poke their mouths with it. 

    These are some of the best qualities of stainless steel straws: 

    ✔      Long lasting and basically indestructible

    ✔      Non-toxic and totally safe if it’s made with food-grade stainless steel

    ✔      Easy to recycle

    ✔      Dishwasher safe and easy to clean but hard to see the inside to make sure it’s clean. Needs a cleaning brush. 

    ~      Not the safest option for kids or special needs people, as they’re hard and can be poky. If you're not careful you can chip a tooth or hurt the top of your mouth. 

    ~      Not the best for hot drinks as the straw might get too hot. 

    ~      They’re not flexible but you can buy them straight or shaped. 

    And The Winner is…

    Reusable silicone straws!!!! 

    Ok, we might have a little bias towards reusable silicone straws. After all, we love them (and sell them 😉). BUT, silicone straws do get the slight edge— and we’re not the only ones who think that. 

    A graph showing a Instagram comments praising Gosili's reusable straws. The first comment says "my kids love this straws (I do to, so easy to clean!)".
    But why do silicone straws get the slight edge as best

    The whole ‘perfect for kids and adults’ part is a big reason. But we also love how bendable, versatile, and FUN silicone straws are— or at least ours. They’re also non-toxic and easy to clean and carry— especially with our keychain + travel case straw. 

     Plus, silicone straws are the best straws for boba tea and smoothies! 

    And that matters to us. 

    a woman holding a glass jar filled with boba tea. She's sipping at her boba tea using a wide reusable silicone straw.
    Let’s continue exploring the world of reusable straws! 

    So… Which Reusable Straw is Best? 

    We determined a winner of silicone vs metal straws, but you still have two more options— glass and bamboo straws. Let’s see what they’re all about! 

    Glass Straws— The Good and the Bad 

    A woman sipping from a glass with a reusable glass straw

    Glass straws are known for looking fab! They come in a wide range of colors and are usually very stylish. As it’s glass it’s totally safe and easy to recycle. They’re also very durable but will break if you drop them. 

    These are some of the great qualities of a glass straw: 

    ✔      They’re pretty to look at

    ✔      Easy to recycle!

    ✔      Non-toxic and safe to use 

    ✔      Easy to clean since they’re dishwasher safe and see-through

    ✔      Good for cold or hot drinks

    ~      They’re not flexible and might be tough to carry around since they can break. 

    ~      Since it’s glass…they’re not the safest for kids

    ~      Durable… except if you drop it. 

    What’s the Deal with Bamboo Straws? 

    Bamboo straws are a great option—especially in terms of sustainability. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on earth but it does leave an earthy taste when used as a straw.  

    This is what makes bamboo straws great: 

    ✔      As sustainable as straws get! 

    ✔      Non-toxic and totally safe—but make sure to get organic bamboo straws. 

    ✔      No need to recycle— they’re compostable 

    ✔      Great for cold or hot drinks 

    ~      They’re not dishwasher safe or see-through. You need a brush to clean them. 

    ~      They won’t break if you drop them but some people say they get cracked after using it for a while. 

    ~      If cared for well, they’ll last up to a year. 

    ~      They taste a bit ‘earthy’. 

    ~      Colored drinks might stain them

    ~      Not great for smoothies, boba tea, or thicker drinks

    And the Best Material for Reusable Straws Is

    A woman wearing a yellow hat and smiling brightly. She's holding a travel tin for a reusable silicone straw up to her eye.

    You guessed it— silicone! 

    We’ll stand by our original statement— reusable silicone straws are the best. 

    They’re pretty, easy to clean, flexible, and safe for little kids. They’re also extremely durable and virtually indestructible. Seriously—squeeze it, bend it, throw it, or boil it. Another great plus is that you can cut your straw to make it the length you like best. 

    Ready to ditch harmful plastic straws and make the switch to a better and more sustainable straw?

    At Gosili, we want to help you easily curb plastic pollution. That’s why we made our reusable silicone straws good-looking and long-lasting— for a fun, guilt-free sipping experience. 

    Shop for our stylish reusable silicone straws. 

    Got kids? Make sipping a fun activity with our Sili Straws!

    A kid sitting on a counter with a cup and four connected silicone straws. He's smiling as he blows on one end of the straw and water comes out on the other end.