Why is Our Innovative Universal Silicone Lid Transforming The Way You Sip?

Imagine having the power to turn any cup, anywhere, at any time, into a straw cup? At Gosili, we’re giving you that superpower with our universal stretchy lid.

3 Cozy, Plant-Based Fall Drinks to Enjoy This Season

The cozy, all-things-pumpkin season is here! To help you welcome the holiday season sustainably, we’re recreating your favorite fall drinks with healthy, plant-based ingredients. Check out the recipes here!

5 Things That Make Our Gosili Cups Unique

Have you tried our reusable silicone cups yet? Make the switch from toxic, disposable plastic to safe, endlessly reusable silicone! In this blog, you'll learn some of the things that make our Gosili Cups the sustainable partner in crime you’ve been looking for!

5 Easy Tips For a Sustainable ‘Back to School’ Season

It’s back-to-school season! Whether it’s virtually or in-person, the school season can be expensive. Plus, all the spending takes a toll on our pla...

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