Define Yourself

Define Yourself

We are always on the go.  When we head out the door, there are always THE essentials that we take with us.   The keys, sunglasses, a wallet/purse and ALWAYS a to go cup.  Maybe it's a coffee for the walk, a tea for running errands, a water for the hike?  Whatever the adventure, hydration is key!  Let's not also forget about style! We accessorize everything.  From our phones, to our backpacks to our shoes.  This stands true with all the to go cups. We build matching style! Let's face it, these things define us.  They define our mood, our personalities and who we are.  So here's what's so exciting! 

While human habits dictate who we are perceived to be, it's our characteristics that define our story.  The need to accessorize our daily routine and lifestyle brings a level of "owning" who we are and making it known to the world! Choosing a reusable to go cup that defines us and tells our individual story, by its own nature is a human act of sustainable culture...YES! In the US alone, over 60 million plastic water bottles are used and disposed of everyday.  This is insane. As we continue to accessorize our lives, we are intrinsically making sustainable choices that are better for us, our planet and based off defining who we are and our essential to go cup! 

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