Gosili’s Sustainability Efforts

Gosili’s Sustainability Efforts

One of our core values as a business is to support a sustainable future. We understand that everything has an impact—and we strive to make ours positive. We want our products to be one of the solutions to cut down on plastic pollution. 

In this blog, we’re doing a deep dive into the many ways we’re making a positive impact on the environment, oceans, and communities. Let’s dive in! 

Tackling Waste One Reusable at the Time 

Gosili exists as a solution to our plastic pollution problem. 

For many years, we’ve been relying on disposable items to fulfill our everyday needs. Disposable plastic cups and cutlery, single-use bags, and food packaging that ends up in landfills. As convenient as these items are, we’re paying a high price for them. 

Our oceans are drowning with plastic debris. Our landfills are overflowing with garbage. And our city's streets are littered with single-use items. 

GoSili is here to change that. 

We want to raise awareness about the issues with our current “take, make, waste” lifestyle. And help you easily adapt to better and more sustainable habits—one reusable at a time. 

Our reusable silicone products are affordable and made to last. They’re crafted to help you easily ditch single-use plastic and embrace a sustainable lifestyle! It’s a small action, but compounded over time, it creates a huge impact. 

The Lonely Whale Partnership 

Changing our lifestyle is essential for a cleaner and healthier world but we’re taking our impact beyond that! That’s why we’re partnering with Lonely Whale—a non-profit organization creating impactful campaigns to restore our ocean's health. 

These campaigns address some of our core systemic issues. Their approach is to bring communities together and empower the younger generations to speak up + care for our environment—especially our oceans. 

Through this partnership, we’re helping Lonely Whale grow their impact. We’re supporting their initiatives to tackle plastic pollution and taking action for cleaner oceans. 

We’re also donating to Lonely Whale a % of all sales from our Ocean Collection.

With this contribution, we can take our impact a step further. And continue to support Lonely Whale’s initiatives, like the TOM FORD Plastic Prize. 

We’re Early Adopters in the TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Prize!

Tom Ford and Lonely Whale’s 52HZ joined forces to create an impactful competition to find a scalable alternative to thin-film plastic. They brought together a panel of judges and experts in the field and chose entrepreneurs & innovators to start creating sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic bags. 

This competition not only aims to create a plastic bag alternative. They’re also making sure this product is biodegradable, scalable, and sustainable. And that it can meet the world’s demand for thin-film plastic.  

After a winner is chosen, it’s time for the innovation to reach the market—and that’s where Gosili comes in. We’re the early adopters! This means that we’ll be testing out the winner product in our business—and we’re not the only ones. 

We’ll be testing the product alongside Stella McCartney, HP Inc., TOM FORD International, Dell Technologies, Herman Miller, Imperial Dade, LeClub, and ROQ.US. 

The commitment to be an early adopter helps bridge the gap between innovation and action. And it helps in making a plastic-free future a reality. If this replacement is everything we hope for, we will use it in our supply chain. 

Meet the finalists! → 

Recycling Silicone 

Different reusable silicone cups mix and matched in colors sit on a table​Although silicone is virtually indestructible, which is one of our favorite qualities about it, sometimes it’s time to part ways with your sili-stash. 

There’s a common misconception that silicone isn’t recyclable—which is far from the truth. Silicone is recyclable! And when you’re done with it, we’ll take care of it for you. 

The reason many people believe silicone can’t be recycled is that most recycling centers, including curbside pickup, won’t take it. This is mostly because they’re already at capacity recycling plastic, and they don’t get enough silicone to make a batch worthwhile. 

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to help you recycle your silicone! You can send it to us, we store it for you, and once we have enough for a recycling plant to take it, we send it off. 

Ready to give your sili-stash a new life? Send your products to:

GoSili, Inc.
Attn: Recycling
9277 Centre Pointe Drive
Suite 160 
West Chester, OH 45069

Or contact us at and we’ll walk you through the process! 

Gosili is A Plastic-Free Experience 

Four different reusable silicone cups with the beach as background
You already know that we’re all about diverting + tackling plastic pollution, recycling, and supporting organizations doing the work to clean up our planet. And we want our products to showcase these values, from raw materials to packaging. 

We refuse to tap into unnecessary excess packaging and create more waste. That’s why we tap into minimalism instead! We stay true to our values by using as little packaging and shipping material as possible. All of our products and packaging are designed with sustainability in mind. 

This means that all of your Gosili products ship 100% plastic-free! 

With this effort, we strive to build a better and greener world. 

The Journey to Sustainability Never Ends

We’re already taking several action steps to reduce the impact of our products and support a more sustainable future. But the work is not done. At Gosili we understand that we have to continue working to improve our processes to better serve our customers and the planet. 

As we grow as a company, we’re committed to staying true to our values. We will continue to bring on new strategies and ways to support our planet. And to help you integrate sustainable habits into your life. 

We appreciate your support. When you shop with Gosili, you’re not only supporting a woman-owned, small business—you’re supporting our mission to help clean up our environment. 

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