Can You Recycle Silicone? Why YES...yes you can! Here’s How to Do it!

Can You Recycle Silicone? Why YES...yes you can! Here’s How to Do it!

Silicone is our favorite alternative to replace plastic. It’s long-lasting and virtually indestructible, making it the perfect material for all things reusable—straws, tumblers, cups, snack bags, and so much more. 

At Gosili, we strive to create high-quality products that help you easily tap into reusing more and wasting less. Yearly, we’re dumping 8+ million tons of plastic into the ocean. And we believe that we hold the power to change that. 

You can help in diverting plastic pollution from our oceans by adopting healthier and more sustainable habits—starting with reusables! 

Our products are designed to help you transition into using reusable options, like silicone straws and tumblers. But what happens when it’s time to part ways with your silicone? Is it also destined to end up in landfills or our oceans? 

In this blog, we’re covering all things silicone recycling! There is a big misconception that silicone isn’t recyclable… which is not true. Keep reading to learn more about silicone recycling and how to properly dispose of your sili-products! 

What is Silicone? 

We’ll start by saying Silicone is not plastic. In fact, it’s quite better… silicone is: 

✅ Non-toxic and totally safe for children

✅ Hypoallergenic 

✅ Inert 

✅ Extremely resistant to heat and cold

✅ Doesn’t leech chemicals when heated

✅ BPA-Free

✅ No open pores to harbor bacteria 

And these are just a few of the many reasons why we love silicone. But if it’s not plastic, then what is it? 

Silicone is created from four main ingredients— silicon (sand), carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Our planet is plentiful in all of these elements. Silicon is actually the second most abundant element on the planet’s surface. 

Is Silicone Recyclable? 

Yes! One of the many reasons we love silicone is because it can be recycled over and over again. However, recycling silicone does result in a ‘lesser product’. This means that with each recycling process, the silicone degrades a little bit. 

After recycling, silicone is usually repurposed into silicone oils that can be used in many industrial applications or shredded silicone used for flooring, mats etc. 

So… Can You Put Silicone in Your Recycling Bin?

A child holding two packs of reusable silicone straws in front on him
Unfortunately, no. Although silicone is recyclable, this doesn’t mean you can recycle it anywhere. Many recycling facilities have the ability to process silicone, but they’re too caught up with plastic. 

If you put your silicone in the recycling bin, you’re most likely sending it to a landfill! Unlike plastic, silicone does not breakdown into tiny microplastics.  Instead, sand-based silicone will eventually return to the Earth, rather than becoming dangerous plastic microbeads.

Luckily, we have a solution for you…

Recycle Your Silicone With Our Take-Back Program!

We stand behind the quality of all our silicone goodies. They’re designed and crafted to last. That’s the sustainable way! However, if the time comes to say, refresh your silicone stash, we got your back. 

Taking responsibility for the end life of our products it’s part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact as a company. That’s why we started our take-back program. 

If you’re done with any of your silicone products, simply ship them to us. We’ll recycle them for you ♻️♻️♻️.

At GoSili, we recycle all silicone materials and unused products. Nothing goes to waste. And to make the process easier for you, we’ll recycle your silicone products when you’re done using them. 

To get started with our take-back program, please reach out to and we’ll happily walk you through the process. 


Are There Any Other Ways to Recycle Silicone? 

Yes! If for some reason you can’t get your products to us for recycling, hope isn’t lost yet. You can start by calling your local recycling center and see if they can take your silicone. Many facilities can’t take them but it’s worth a try! 

You can also find a take-back program near you that can take it or you can sign up with a private recycling program like TerraCycle

Reuse is The New Recycle! 

A reusable silicone cup sitting next to a glass jar filled with reusable silicone straws
We encourage you to recycle and dispose of all your waste properly, but we also want to encourage you to create less waste! And even if you have the accessibility to recycling your waste, not everything you put in your recycling bins gets actually recycled. 

In fact, the US creates about 40 million tons of plastic waste every year. Only about 6% of that waste is recycled. This means that at least 85% of our waste is going straight to landfills, rivers, waterways, and eventually, the ocean. 

This is because the amount of plastic we produce is so much bigger than our recycling capacity. We simply cannot keep up with the amount of waste we’re creating. But we can see this as an area of opportunity to be more mindful of our habits. An opportunity to change for the better. 

Although we urgently need legislation that regulates waste, our daily choices also have an impact. Demand drives supply. We can use our buying power to support better businesses and to consume better products. 

We can opt to reuse, instead of wasting. We can opt for reusable products instead of disposables. We can drive change in the industry and in the environment by being more mindful of our choices. 

Tackling Waste One Reusable At the Time 

Gosili started as a solution to our plastic pollution problem. We strive to help you easily move away from toxic, disposable plastic into safe, reusable products. Our products are designed to make this shift fun, easy, and affordable.

You can replace disposable plastic straws with stylish reusable ones. You can get your on-the-go coffee without the plastic guilt. And you can lead by example and show others that it is possible to live a less wasteful life. 

Ready to start your sustainable journey? Shop for our forever reusable silicone goodies!