5 Sustainable Halloween Swaps to Give Out Instead of Candy

Gosili tins with straws lay on a brown background with bats, spiders, and a pumpkin. One of the tins is open and shows a blue reusable silicone straw.

Spooky season is here! But the scariest thing about Halloween is not the latest horror film— it’s the amount of waste created for this single holiday. 

At GoSili we believe in adapting our traditions to reduce the impact they’re having on the environment. But this doesn’t mean taking all the fun away! In this blog, we’re sharing a few ideas to have a healthier, more sustainable Halloween that’s still fun and spooky. 

By creating more sustainable habits surrounding the holiday season, we ensure all future generations get to enjoy them too. And in a more conscious way. 

With the help of our products (and this blog), we can build better habits together! 

5 Things to Give Out Instead of Candy for a Healthier, More Sustainable Halloween

Two kids holding their reusable silicone straws on their upper lip pretending it's a mustache. Both kids are laughing.

In 2019, an astonishing $2.6 billion was spent on candy for Halloween. This isn’t the best news for the planet or kid’s health. But where there is awareness, there is hope for change. By making small adjustments in your traditions, you’ll better support our planet and your health. 

This year, opt for these options, instead of candy! 

1. ‘Pumpkin’ Clementines 

The ultimate zero-waste Halloween swap out! Pumpkin clementines are a healthy, fun idea and you can involve your kids and make a day of it. You’ll need: 

- A bunch of clementines
- Markers, ideally black
- Anything else you want to use to decor your clementines

For this project, simply give each kid a few clementines and have them draw faces on them. The idea is to recreate a craved pumpkin— see who creates the scariest pumpkin clementine!

2. Fruit Rollups 

Kids love candy— we all know it. But they can be easily tricked into eating “candy” that’s actually sugar-free and healthy. And that’s the perfect definition of homemade fruit rollups. They’re fun, affordable, and really easy to make. 

To craft a kid-pleasing fruit roll-up simply blend your fruit of choice (strawberry works great!) until super smooth. If you want, add a tablespoon of maple syrup or honey. If you’re using seasonal fruit, you probably won’t need additional sweetener. 

Spread the puree evenly on a baking mat, without leaving translucent streaks. Then, dehydrate it in your oven or a fruit dehydrator if you have one. For the oven, you want the lowest temperature possible (140-170℉). Leave in the oven for 3-4 hours. You’ll know it’s ready when the center isn’t sticky anymore.  

Once it’s done, carefully peel it off the mat, cut it into long streaks, and roll them up. To skip the plastic, put them in paper bags. And there you have it— a sustainable, healthier option that makes kids think they’re in fact eating candy. 

3. Fun + Sustainable Reusable Straws

Reusable silicone straws decored with little paper ghosts for Halloween

Don’t worry about kids coming back to haunt you for not giving them candy... because treaters and tricksters are set to love this! Instead of candy that parents end up eating anyway (we’re guilty as charged!), give out something fun, useful, and sustainable— reusable silicone straws! 

What better way to have a green Halloween than giving out sustainable goodies? You can choose from single-packed straws or travel tins with the straw in them. Kids love them and actually use them. Plus, they last a lifetime! 

Get the neighboorhood kids the best treat- shop for our reusable silicone straws here. 

4. Spooky Popcorn 

This one is easy, affordable, and healthier than any candy! Plus it’s allergen and gluten-free. To create this delicious treat you need to buy popping corn at your local supermarket. Put it on the stovetop with a bit of oil or butter and salt, then cover it. Within a few minutes, the corn will start popping! 

It’s a super fun activity to involve your kids and you can pack the popcorn in recycled paper bags. Want to make them spooky? Using natural food colorant, dye the butter green or orange before adding it to the pot and you’ll get Halloween-themed popcorn! 

5. If You Decide to Go for Candy— Buy Bulk!

A big problem with Halloween (besides the sugar rush!) is the amount of plastic packaging for every single candy. The wrappers for the candy you got as a kid are still somewhere in a landfill or the ocean… polluting our soil, air, and water. 

To keep things more sustainable, opt for buying in bulk, instead of single-wrapped candy. You can put it into small paper bags yourself and save lots of plastic wrappers from ending up in a landfill. Try to go for organic, fair-trade candy!

Other Ways to Keep Halloween Sustainable 

A halloween bucket filled with reusable silicone straws as treats

Halloween spending is projected to reach an all-time high… with $10.1 billion spread among candy, costumes, and decor. And a big chunk of these things end up in a trash bin after being used once— sometimes even unused. 

These spending habits are creating enormous amounts of unnecessary waste. The good news is that avoiding it is easy and affordable! 

There are many things you can do to keep the holiday season greener (and cheaper!). From climate-kind foods to non-plastic decorations, the options are endless! These are a few ideas to put the planet first this Halloween. 

Borrow or Swap a Costume 

This year, instead of buying a brand new costume, swap or borrow a costume with a friend. This saves the many resources needed to create costumes— including plastic. Yes… your Halloween costumes are in fact plastic. 

You can also buy pre-loved costumes at second-hand stores. Buffalo Exchange buys and sells all sorts of fun Halloween costumes. Take your old ones, sell them, and get a ‘new-to-you’ one. This way you save money and don’t fall for over-consumerism. 

Skip the Plastic Trick or Treat Bucket 

Instead of buying the classic plastic pumpkin bucket for trick or treating— opt for something you already have at home. An old pillowcase or a tote bag works great. Plus, you can decorate them as a fun activity with your kids! 

The store-bought buckets are cheap and won’t pass the test of time. Instead, they’ll end up in a landfill or the ocean. 

Repurpose Things at Home for Decor 

Like many other things surrounding Halloween, decorations tend to be cheap, short-lived, and terrible for the environment. Instead of wasting your money on decor— make it yourself. Involve your kids and get crafty together. There is so much at home waiting to be repurposed— get creative!  

Here’s a list of ideas to create sustainable decor for Halloween. It’s fun, affordable, and a major help in reducing plastic pollution. 

Ready For a Greener Halloween? 

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What are you giving out this Halloween? Let us know in the comments! 

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